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    Art is a science: needs a specialist

    An art histotian and an expert

    Since 1995

    This is my passion


    My method, experts and responsibilities are specific


    Treatment are strictly confidential


    Auction houses, private collectors, galleries, companies and museums have different needs


  • HOW

    Knowing the rules, tricks, data, and players both in the private and public sector.

    • Speaking the language: banks, museums, restorers and decorators
    • Concearning about quality of results
    • Reaching results quickly being personally in charge of people and projects
    • Safeguarding the feelings of the people involved
    • Confidential connections with main Italian private historical collections and collectors, developed by historical family links and friendship
    • Links with experts in the art field: exchange opinions and expertise
    • Established reputation built over time by results



    technical eye

    managing capability

    connecting sensibility







    Fund raising, Sponsorships

    Exhibitions, Openings,

    Lectures, Essays

    Restoration, Research, Cataloguing



    Public relations


    Website projects


    Exploiting Art Company assets

    Art heritage

    Insurance, Import/Export permits



    Intelligent visiting

    Specific Lecturing

    Conscious restoring

    Public Relations

    A lengthy mailing list of real followers who trust my advice and expertise

  • New Directions...

    Knowledge on Decorative Art fits the most varied environments

    • Fashion and Art patterns:      teaching for the Master course at the Politecnico "Design for Luxury"
    • Children and ART:             reinforce Egyptian art's history for Collegio San Carlo Primary School
    • Furnishing:                            counselling on how to renew antique furniture for modern living
    • Heritage backgroud:             cataloguing a pret-a-porter textile converter collection

  • WHO I AM 

    Up to 1999 the experiences where I have learnt the most have been working with Electa Art books and cataloguing for Finarte Auction house. I assisted the most qualified experts and art historians in the Furniture, Objects of Art, XIX century painting, Rugs and Carpets departments; I was then in charge of all catalogues, external and media relations.

    I had a quick tour in the movie industry as assistance to the costume designer Gabriella Pescucci: "A" The Scarlet Letter and Amata Immortale have been joyful experiences (allowing me to pursue my love for tailoring and embroidery).


    From 2001 my activities have been focused on freelance counselling.


    For Main art galleries as Mazzolemi Arte, Il Quadrifoglio, Moshe Tabibnia, Marco Riccomini, Rob Smeets, exhibiting in and out of Italy, I took care of publications, research and catalogue entries as well as fittings, receptions and public relations.


    Museums as the Collezione Bertarelli and the Museo di Arti applicate in the Castello Sforzesco and Palazzo Reale (Milan), Museo Gianetti (Saronno), Museo Accorsi (Torino) asked me for exhibitions, publications and fund raising.


    Main and small auction houses as Sotheby's, Christie's, Il Ponte, Pandolfini, Rubinacci, Wannenes, Von Morenberg, trusted me when I introduced private and institutional customers, managed start up, organized house sales and non-profit auctions.


    Institutions such as the the Fondazione Mario Negri, the Università Bocconi, the Touring club, the Italian Stock Exchange, Arner bank, Io broker, Lega Italiana Tumori asked me to valorise some of their Art.


    Companies had assets to be valued: Gabrius spa, Michele Solbiati sasil, Schmid spa.


    Families and collectors had personal and inheritance needs, this has been the majority of my counselling work.




    Corsi Arte Antiquaria


    Italian XVIII and XIX furniture: assessment as legal expert

    Ceramic, Glass, Heraldry, Books

    The Study Centre for the study of the Fine and Decorative Arts, London

    Diploma course on the history of the Fine and Decorative Arts in Europe

    Università degli Studi di Milano

    University degree

    Philosophy and Art

    Thesis: The Prophetic Imagination of William Blake           Graduated 110/110


    Luca Melegati

    Decorative Arts historian

    Director, Head of Decorative Arts department, Wannenes, Milan http://www.wannenesgroup.com

    I highly recommend Lorenza

    From 1999 to 2003 we've been partners at Cappucciosedici, the Art Advising office we set up toghether with other art historians: here she took care of catalogue entries, public relations, relation with media and trading for private collectors.

    She brought new clients and worked with the others for common projects.

    In 2014 we worked again together to assist a private collector willing to sale important ceramic items.

    She is very careful in her assistance both in practical and procedural aspects. she always pursues the best results for her clients. She is efficient and heedful.

    Michele Subert


    owner at Subert


    Lorenza has been my student, I worked with her and she is a good friend too

    She worked for my family gallery as broker: she had a standing of balance and professionalism.

    She is competent in assisting her client and willingly to get the best for him and takes commercial operations and her duties to completion with commitment.

    Carlo Severgnini

    President Amici della Collezione delle Stampe Achille Bertarelli onlus


    I do recommend Lorenza.

    From 2001 to 2006 she supervised the activities at Bertarelli onlus: relations with members, organization of exhibitions, events and the links with the Museum activities.

    She also catalogued (2006/7) my family private collection either in Milan and in other Estates: her precision and extremely professional attitude made the family inheritance so much easier.

    Lorenza is trustworthy, prepared, committed and attentive.

    Paolo Ciccarelli

    former Cfo Borsa Italiana

    President at Schmid spa

    studio ciccarelli

    I fully recommend Lorenza.

    She accomplishes for Borsa Italiana an amazing task of studying and researching in archives, editing of panels and setting the exhibition on the original setting of the Italian Stock exchange Palace: so good was her work that it is still on the spot.

    For Schmid spa she made a new web site and invented an auction about particular tissues: never done before! She made inventory, cure images and exhibition as well as post-auction administrative issues.


    some outdated thinking

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